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About Denise

Denise Averay; Adelaide textile artist;;


Surface pattern design

Silk dyeing


Fabric printing

My Story


I'm a textile and surface pattern design artist based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Colour, pattern, and texture in textiles have always been a part of my life, relishing in experiencing fabrics by sight, touch and smell from a very early age. I have a penchant for the unusual, the sumptuous and the exotic and am excited by the very idea of transforming plain white cloth into something that is complex and that glows and dances before the eyes – just daring one to pick it up and experience it.

I fell in love with painting on silk in 2001 and soon discovered Shibori, the Japanese art of shaped resist dyeing. I am enraptured with altering fabric by the many resist techniques this art offers – binding, clamping, folding, twisting, stitching or tying. The tactile nature of preparing the cloth for colouring and the element of surprise after the cloth is dyed, as well as the colours and textures that are revealed, always excites me.

Inspiration comes from many sources - our wonderful Australian landscapes, our flora and fauna, and the colours so unique to this country; textiles of the arts movements of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, particularly the wallpapers and textiles of William Morris; artists such as Gustav Klimt who capture pattern, texture and colour so brilliantly; and contemporary textile artists and designers.

My design process is intuitive and my love for pattern, texture and colour create unique textile and paper designs that are full of depth and complexity. I value the old-fashioned processes of drawing and designing on paper and colouring cloth by hand, as well as digitally manipulating images of my work to create new designs and coordinating patterns. I aim to have as low an eco-footprint as possible so I use sustainable methods and ethically sourced materials, choosing natural fibres and recycled, repurposed or vintage fabrics, where possible.

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